Blogging On The Side Where Passion & Profit Meet

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Blogging On The Side Where Passion & Profit Meet

This book is perfect for the blogger that has been blogging for ten years and the blogger that is about to begin. In this book, we give you practical advice to take your blog to the next level, meeting your blogging goals–whatever they may be. We share our best tips for creating powerful images, maximizing traffic, earning more money to turn your blog into that of a full-time income, and so much more.

This book holds every tip, key and lesson that we think is invaluable for bloggers. We are taking what has taken us years to learn, and putting it all into the one book for you to read and apply today.

To top it off, we are offering our customers a resource page. When you buy this book, you will receive an email containing a secret password. This password will let you into our resource page, found here, where you will find discount codes that ONLY we can offer and advice that will continue to be updated. We will share the best videos, resources, tips and bonus promo codes for blogging courses/products there.

We wanted to write this book to give you the BEST things to do TODAY to better your blog. There is so much information out there that a lot of times you don’t even know where to begin. Now you do. BEGIN HERE.

$19.99 – PURCHASE

Here is our Table of Contents, to give you a better understanding of what our book is all about:


Foreword 6
Introduction – A Tale of Two Bloggers 7


Can I Be a Blogger? 12
Finding Your Voice 18
What Is Your Why? 21
Which Type of Blogger Are You? 24
Blog Platform – Blogger Vs. WordPress 27
Why Is No One Reading My Blog? 30
Before You Go Viral 33
Privacy for Bloggers 36
Finding Balance 40
Getting Your Family on Board 45
Getting Your Blog Seen 49
It Takes a Village (To Raise a Blog) 53
Design Elements: The Basics 61
Design Part 2: Advanced Design 63
Images 65


How to Take Your Blog to the Next Level 70
Finding Time 75
How To Be Successful – Without Being Stressed 79
All About the Money 85
Affiliate Sales 89
E-Books 92
Ads for Sale 96
Sponsored Posts 99
Make Your Own Products 105
Rock Social Media 107
How to Schedule to Make the Most of Your Online Time 113
Make A Media Kit 117
How to Make Money Outside Your Blog 119
When to Hire Help 121


Avoiding Burnout 126
The Legal Stuff 130
Conferences 133
Be Confident 135
Keep Learning 137
Conclusion 139
Resources 140

Take our blogging tips and put them to good use—and do it without stressing, without worrying, without feeling overwhelmed (yes, it is possible!). Let us help you navigate the blogging world, figure out what is right for for YOUR blog, to get it where YOU want it to be. Whether it is earning an income blogging (you can see our incomes by clicking on the OUR INCOMES tab on the top menu) or by using your blog to change the world… Let us help you with our tips!

Let your passion and your profit meet, while you enjoy Blogging on the Side.

$19.99 – PURCHASE

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