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After looking for an extra source of income, but didn’t want to do any sales. We are not sales girls and knew that we couldn’t get into hosting parties. We saw other people making money blogging and decided to give it a try – that is how Work From Home Blogging was created.  We had such huge success and we wanted others to be able to do the same.

Within the first year I was making $1,000 a month. Shortly after her first year Becky replaced her teacher’s salary.

Now we both make more than our spouses do in their careers, earning SIX FIGURES (each) from our blogs, and it just keeps growing.   We even share our income reports on here to show you how it is possible to do this!   Now we want to show you, step by step, how to get started – this is what took us the longest, so we are going to make it the easiest part for you!  (Help you reach your goals even faster & with more success).

Blogging is a booming business, and we love that it is one that can be done from home. As moms, we wanted the freedom to be able to stay home with our kids, but thought we needed the income that came from working outside the house.  We found out that blogging was the key to this.  It has brought us the best of both worlds. We’re home with our kids, doing something we love, working on our own schedules and bringing in a substantial income for our families. I know that it sounds too good to be true, but it is the truth. Blogging has changed our lives.

Now, in this book, we teach you to do the same. We’ve seen our lives completely changed through blogging and we just HAD to share it with you too. Blogging can (and will) change your life!

We wrote this book together about how to start a blog. We remember how intimidating it was at first, entering the world of blogging, so we decided to break it down for you, step-by-step so you can get started yourself!  We have made it SO easy, so you can just dive right into your blogging career.

It really is that simple. We promise. We walk you through everything you need to know to get started and then we even give you a 25% off coupon for our next book (about making money blogging) along with this one. It won’t expire so you can save it up until you are ready for that point in your new blogging career.

We won’t leave you stranded either. We’ve created a whole community of bloggers who are ready to help and support you on your blogging journey and we offer fresh blogging tips here every single week.


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