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About Becky Mansfield

Welcome! I’m so glad that you stopped by Your Modern Family shop.  Together, we will talk about raising kids, organizing the home and saving money!


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A little more about me… I’m Becky Mansfield.  I am a wife to my high school and college sweetheart.   We were married in 2004, after dating for 7 years and we live in a suburb outside of Charlotte.  Mickey is also a blogger at YourModernDad.com



I was an elementary teacher, until our oldest son was born in 2006 (and I became a stay at home mom)

Two years later, in 2008, we welcomed another beautiful baby boy and I became a (one morning a week) play therapist.

In 2010 we had our third sweet son.

And in 2012 we welcomed our baby girl.

I am the author of the best-selling book:
Potty Train in a Weekend:


I am also the author of the book: You can be a Stay at Home Mom on One Income.