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Becky Mansfield

Catch All Planner

Catch All Cover

This 35-page planner is perfect to get organized in your home & in your life!   Grab a binder, a printer & get to work 


In this planner, I have over 35 printables for you (menu calendars, cleaning schedules, school schedules, chore lists, budget printables, finance sheets & so much more). It is everything that you need to keep your family & home organized.

This planner will cover: 
– Cleaning (basic & detailed)
– Chores for kids (a list and an empty sheet in case you want to make up your own)
– Room by room Cleaning (detailed list & basic lists)

planner 3

– Budgets
– Getting out of debt
(Weekly spending tracker, debt payment plan, monthly budget tracker with bills already suggested)

planner 6

– Family Information
(Password tracker, Info for the babysitter, important numbers, To-Do lists for the day & for the week)

planner 2
– School Information
(bus info, school info, times, calendars, lunch menu, homework schedule, projects, activities)

planner school

– Menus (home & school), meal planner
– Shopping Lists by category (meats, produce, etc…)
– Food substitutions to keep in the kitchen  (example: if you don’t have butter, use this instead)
planner 4

– many more!

  • If you take the Declutter Challenge (7 days), you get this planner for 50% off.

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