Swap Chores For Screentime

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Get rid of the guilt of giving your kids screentime ... now they earn it!  You'll feel good about letting them take a break to relax after they have swapped chores for screentime minutes.  

It cuts down on the yelling from you, arguing from them and any nagging from either side.   There is no more persuading them to help you out and no more backtalk about why it doesn't need to be done.   

This literally solves the problem of kids not helping out around the house and wanting to watch or play on their electronics instead.   Now everyone gets what they want. 

They learn the valuable lesson of work before play and they become hard workers.  They learn how to work hard to get something that they want and they will carry that character trait on when they become adults.  

It's a great alternative to just allowing them screentime with an "IF---THEN"... IF you do these chores, THEN you get your time."

Just cut them up, toss them into a basket and you are set!